Kevin is brilliant at presentations and public speaking. I have seen him many times give side splittingly funny speeches on impromptu topics. He also has very good management skills, and can motivate and lead a team of people.

– Keith Griggs (CEO of Taint Services Ltd)

Thanks for your feedback after the workshop (speech) I gave at the Toastmasters International Conference last weekend. I was very happy with my performance but your feedback to me was was spot on – what was good and how to make it even better. Your experience in coaching and your empathy really show. I will make those improvements.  – Vincent Delaney (Communication mentor & personal branding coach)

I know Kevin through the public speaking group Toastmasters. Since I have joined he has proved himself to be one of the best speakers in the group and a model for new members. My main recommendation for Kevin though is his ability to provide comprehensive evaluations on each speaker. The feedback is balanced, fair and always tailored to each individual so they can develop their communication and leadership skills.

– Ian Perry (Coca Cola Enterprises)

Kevin Baggs is a real expert in interview techniques and he has an immense knowledge of practical tips that make a big difference to candidates’ performances on the day.  I’ve sat engrossed in one of his speeches on this subject – he really brings interview techniques alive and I’m sure you’ll approach this vital area of your career in a completely different way after listening to him.

– Iain Hutchison (Fellow at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations)

I hired Kevin Baggs (Kevin Baggs Communication and Coaching) to perform some sales training for some of our sales staff, and the results we had were quick and had a excellent impact on both business and the confidence of the sales staff who had the training from Kevin Baggs, I would recommend anyone in a similar situation to use Kevin Baggs Communication and Coaching, you will see fast results at a very reasonable price.

– John Clifford (Sales Manager at Thorns)

I was delighted that Kevin was able to speak at a recent Link4Growth event I ran.   He gave an interesting and useful presentation that allowed the attendees to put his knowledge to immediate use. 

– Nigel Cook (Highly experienced B2B sales and marketing professional)

Kevin , thanks so much for all of the excellent advice and help you have given me over the last few weeks. I would not hesitate to recommend your services, professionalism and attention to detail to others. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks once again. Phil Knott. 

– Philip Knott (Accountant)

Kevin reviewed my CV when I was looking for a job before I decided to set up my own business. His suggestions for improving my CV were brilliant, and I believe the improved CV helped me to get interviews. I highly recommend Kevin’s services for anyone seriously looking for work.

 – Beauty Zindi (Accountant)